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The Scientific and Research Publications International Journal (SRPIJ) is dedicated to ensure protection of your privacy when you visit our site(s). We want you to be informed about what Information we collect, how that information is used, and how you can request that this Information be corrected or updated.

This privacy policy may be amended or modified from time to time, so we recommend that you re-visit this page frequently to check for updates. At the top of this document you can find the last date of revision.


This privacy policy is meant for any visitor to our site(s). This policy applies to both offline and online collection, storage, processing and transfer of Personal Information

  • Definitions

  • Information We Collect

  • Information Collected Automatically

  • Information You Provide to Us

  • How We Use This Information

  • Opt Out

  • Our Security Measures

  • Call Monitoring

  • Cookies and Web Beacons

  • Children's Privacy

  • Site Hosting and Links From Our Sites to Other Websites

  • Privacy Policy Changes

  • How to Access Your Information and Contact Us


The following terms that have been used in the Privacy Policy have the following meanings:
“Business Associates” refers to third party service providers with whom the organization may come into a contract with to provide services on their behalf including services related to the site(s) or for transactions occurring on the Site(s) including, but not limited to hosting, lead generation, social networking, web analytics, and business, academic or financial services.
“Financial Information” refers to Personal information that is of a financial nature, for example, your credit card number.

“Information: refers to any Information that is collected and this term includes “Personal Information”, “Web Analytical Information”, “Financial Information” or any other Information that is collected from you via our Site(s). “Marketing Information” refers to your Web Analytical Information as well as your Personal Information, for example your name, email address, postal address and telephone number that is collected by the Organization for the purpose of marketing and promotions as stated in this Privacy Policy. “Personal Information” refers to any Information that may be used to identify a specific individual. The term “Personal Information” is inclusive of “Financial Information.”

"Site" or "Sites" refers to the Organizations website located at www.SRPIJ.com as any other sites controlled by the Organization or authorized sites (including, without limitation, any Business Associate sites), regardless of IP address or domain name. "Social Network", refers to different internet communication technologies that are provided on Sites and facilitate interaction and communication between people online and includes, but is not limited to, discussion forums, blogs, chat sessions, wikis, news groups, etc. “Social Network Content” (or “SNC”) refers to user-generated content that you have given your consent to share via a Social Network and includes, but is not limited to, Personal Information, including digital pictures and sounds that you have uploaded to a Social Network. It is inclusive of your Personal Information that could be displayed on other users’ Social Network pages.

“Organization”, “us”, “we”, “our” refer to SRPIJ.
"Unrelated Entities" refers to third parties who are not providing services to SRPIJ as Business Associates and are not our Educational Partners. “Web Analytical Information” refers to internet generated information that we collect when you visit our sites. This information could be linked with Personal Information and marketing information. Such information is also considered to be Personal Information because it is used, either alone or in combination, to identify a specific individual.

Information We Collect

When we talk to you on the phone or else interact with you through our websites, we collect various types of information from you. There are automatic ways of collecting information such as through various internet and web technologies including Social Networking tools that are used by the Organization. Other ways of collecting information are when you provide information in response to an advertisement, or a request for information; or if you register with us or make a purchase of educational or other products and services, set up a Site Profile or a Social Network, or if you use one of our interactive tools or other learning assessments.

By collecting Web Analytical Information we are able to see how users are finding, and navigating our Sites, and we are able to understand user preferences regarding our Site or Social Networking Content; it also tells us the pages that were visited by users most often. All this information helps us make our website more relevant and useful for our visitors. To accomplish the purposes described in this Privacy policy, this information could be linked with Personal Information.

Information Collected Automatically

Web Analytical information is automatically collected every time you visit one of our websites. This information does not identify you in person. Following are some examples of Web Analytical Information:

  • Publisher Name

  • Language settings

  • IP address

  • Day of Week Time of Day (hour)

  • Collection Date

  • Country, State, DMA, City (relating to IP address, if available)

  • Connection Speed

  • Domain (.com, .net, .mil, .org, .edu, etc.)

Information You Provide to Us

Other than the Web Analytical Information that is automatically collected when you visit our Sites, the organization also collects, discloses and uses Personal Information that you voluntarily provide to us when you respond to a request for information or to an advertisement; or if you purchase educational or other products and services, or register, set up a site profile or a Social Network, or if you use one of our interactive tools or learning assessments. Depending on the type of service or response requested, the exact nature of the Personal Information may vary; following is a non-exclusive list of the types of Information that could be collected to the extent that it is necessary and applicable for the intended purposes:

  • Your full name

  • Postal Address

  • E-mail ID

  • Country of origin

  • Gender

  • Age (should be 13+)

  • Contact number (Valid for Day or Evening)

  • Mobile Phone Number

  • Lead Source

  • Publisher Code (SiteID)

  • Credit Card Number

How We Use This Information
Marketing Information

Marketing Information is used to help us improve our services and Sites to meet your needs; to measure our Sites features and services, to communicate with you via email, postal mail, mobile/cellular phone, telephone, PDA devices, and/or on applications for mobile phones such as Blackberry or iPhone about services or products that you may be interested, in order to provide you with customer support, to prevent illegal activities (such as illegal downloading of copyrighted material as stated in our Copyright Infringement policy), and to implement our Terms of Use. We also employ a variety of technological systems to help us identify and address irregular activity and to screen content to prevent misuse such as spam. These efforts could occasionally result in permanent termination or suspension of site functionality for some users.

Personal Information

The Organization is aware that you trust us with your Personal Information and we take your trust in us very seriously. We are not going to lease, rent or sell your Personal Information to anyone else.
We might collect, use and disclose Personal Information for the following reasons:

  • to deliver requested products and services to customers

  • to reply to your queries

  • to let you know about promotions that you have preciously shown an interest in

  • for internal marketing purposes such as sending you material about products, updates, services etc. that we consider will be of your interest

  • for encouraging collaboration and communication among members of the Organization’s community through Social Networks

  • to share with our Partners who will then contact you to inform you about their services

  • to share with our Business Associates or Partners who are conducting services on our behalf

  • to examine how services and Sites are being used and accessed

  • for improvement of service and Site delivery and performance

  • to examine learning and academic preferences and outcomes

  • to examine business and risk results

  • to get payment for the services that we deliver to you

  • To keep a record of business transactions for reasonable periods

In connection with the above mentioned uses, we may employ an automatic telephone dialing system, pre-recorded or artificial voice messages, or text messages to provide various communications to you. Furthermore, your providing us with your cellular, mobile or wireless number indicates your consent to receive calls using an automated dialing system, text messages, or pre-recorded voice messages that are related to your enrolment. To indicate that you do not wish to receive these updates on your mobile or cellular phone, please provide us with a LAN-based telephone number.

Financial Information

The purpose of your financial information is so that we can provide you with the services and products that you requested, to analyze business and operational results, to analyze risk, and for bringing an end to your registration or other transaction that you have started with us. This information will not be rented, sold or transferred to a Business Associate, Educational Partner, or Unrelated Entity outside of this purpose. The only exception will be if there is a merger, reorganization or acquisition of our assets or shares.
In order to protect the credit card details that you submitted to us over the internet we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128 bit encryption. Your credit card information cannot be viewed by anyone including our staff members.


At any time you may choose to opt-out of our collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information but this is subject to technical, academic, legal or contractual restrictions and reasonable notice. It is important that you note that if you opt-out of certain uses of your personal information, then you may not be provided with certain products or services. There are certain necessary collection, uses and disclosures that you may not be permitted to opt-out of, for example, educational announcements, maintaining reasonable business, academic and transaction disclosures and records to government entities as necessary for us to be in compliance with applicable laws.

If you do not wish to receive marketing communications from us you can express your choice where indicated on the applicable email or other communication. However, making such a request will only remove you from our list and the list of any Business Associate who is performing services on our behalf. Once information has been transferred in accordance to this policy we are no longer responsible for the use any other party may make of the Information. You may need to contact such an entity in order to have your information removed from their database as well.

In relation to sharing your Personal Information you may change various user settings that are a part of any user profile that you set up in any Social Network activities that were provided by us, subject to technical, academic, legal or contractual restrictions and reasonable notice. If you withdraw form Social Network activities we may not be able to provide you with certain services and products.

Our Security Measures

For the security and storage of your information and to protect against the misuse, loss or alteration of the Information that is under our control, we will take commercially reasonable measures. When accepting your credit card Information as well as whenever you are asked to login to any of our Site(s) we use industry standard security measures.

However, please not that no data transmission over the internet can be assured to be completely secure. Therefore, despite the fact that we use industry standard security measures, we do not take responsibility nor do we assure you that there will be no loss, misuse or alteration of Information under our control. You provide your Information to us at your own risk. You should always be careful about how you handle and disclose your Personal Information, and you should not send Personal information through insecure e-mail, Social Networks or other internet channels.

Monitoring of Communications

All incoming and outgoing communications may be monitored and retained for the purpose of training our representatives and for the purpose of quality assurance. Such communications are only retained as long as necessary, unless some communication needs to be retained for legal purposes. In case you wish that your communication is not retained, please let your representative know.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Web beacons, cookies and other relevant internet technologies are employed on our Sites so as to allow is to achieve the uses that have been outlined above as well as to deliver Sites messaging and to maintain a record of your Information. These small pieces of program code are found in your computer or browser and can be easily removed. If you wish to remove such technologies you can go ahead and do so, but this may leave our Site unusable by you. You can disable the features of cookies and other internet technologies from your browser program. You can refer to your browser’s “Help” menu for assistance about removing cookie files or changing cookie settings.

Children's Privacy

We are very careful when it comes to the issue of children’s privacy. Our sites are not meant for children under 13 years of age. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you feel your child has provided us with Personal Information or has registered with one of our Sites, we will remove this information at the earliest possible.

Site Hosting and Links from Our Sites to Other Websites

Our Business Associates may be hosting some of our Sites and some of our Sites could contain links to other websites that are hosted by Partners or Unrelated Entities. Upon accessing these Sites or external websites, the providers of these websites may get access to your Personal Information and their own policies may apply with reference to how your Personal Information is going to be used. Please ensure that you carefully read the policies of any sites that you visit on the internet. Please note that we do not bear responsibility for the privacy practices or the content of any external websites that we do not directly control nor are we responsible for the collection, use and disclosure of Information by Business Associates, Partners and Unrelated Entities. This will be subject to the policies applicable on those other external websites.

Privacy Policy Changes

SRPIJ may make changes to and update this privacy policy from time to time. Feel free to get in touch with us if you are concerned about how your Personal Information is used or disclosed. Check this Site periodically to get a current copy of the Privacy Policy. If you continue to use our website you indicate that you agree with this privacy policy and any changes that have been made to it. In case we intend to use your Personal Information in any way that has not been stated in this document then we will notify you at least 30 days in advance. You will have the choice to allow or disallow your information from being used in a new way.

How to Access Your Information and Contact Us

If you want to have access to or want to update your Personal Information, or if you have any queries about our privacy practices,
feel free to contact us via Live Chat.

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