The International Computer Science & Mathematics Journals (ICSMJ) is aimed to build an effective forum for the interchange of ideas and analysis between researchers, scientists and educationists regarding Computer Science, Mathematics and their interoperability.

ICSMJ is a multidisciplinary journal with its research span extending, but not limited to the following research areas:

  • Numerical analysis
  • Computational complexity
  • Information theory
  • Numerical algebra
  • Theoretical computer science
  • Mathematical biology
  • Numerical methods for ODE, PDE, FDE
  • Computational physics
  • Mathematical chemistry
  • Computational biology
  • Mathematical economics
  • Computational geometry
  • Actuarial science
  • Mathematical physics
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Approximation theory
  • Mathematical statistics
  • Combinatorics
  • Computational optimisation
  • Mathematical system theory
  • Computational probability
  • Econometrics
  • Operations research
  • Statistical computation and simulation
  • Game theory
  • Theory of computation
  • Computational intelligence
  • Graph theory
  • Collaborative innovation network
  • Network hardware components
  • Wired technologies
  • Communication media
  • Network performance
  • Cloud computing
  • Digital communications
  • Complex network
  • Network programming
  • Network protocols
  • Ethernet
  • Network resilience
  • Network architecture
  • Internet protocol suite
  • Network security
  • Protocol design
  • Network analysis
  • Network simulator
  • Network control
  • Network diagram software
  • Network topology
  • Network implementation
  • Random networks

ISBN: 98-8754-654-1 (Online)

Frequency of Publication: Quarterly

Published By: SRPIJ, California, United States

Most Cited

Studying the complexities of mathematical computations in the frontal lobe of neuroscience engineering Richard Gabby | W. Wolfram | ...

A focus group study on the effect of lighting and surveillance on the understanding and concept building of Mathematics and Science students. Ruby Motes | Lea Webster | ...

Referencing and studying the correlation of computer assisted trainings in an educational setting; Focus group study in third world countries. Mülner Luca | Shanya Zegveld | ...

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原崎 茂, Valérie Leblanc
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